Vu Systems is a Business Consulting & Software  Services company which specializes in BIG DATA & S.O.L.D (Small, Opened, Linked DATA) Management Systems.

We engineer, design, build and install effective Big Data  technology solutions that innovate and create maximum competitive advantage for our customers.




Our work is committed in rendering quality services, cost effective and innovative solutions, driven by the clear and defined logical thinking of science.



Here are a few examples of Big Data works we have successfully carried out for our customers (Design, Development and Implementation at the customer site)  

Data Patient Management System designed specifically to handle Cerebrovascular Accident in real time (Diagnosis and treatment of Acute Stroke)



Process System to control and steer the Code of Conduct of the National Public Electricity Distributor (non-discriminatory access to the public distribution network)



Tracking Power Outages in real time with Mapping Analytics Tools custom-made for the French Electricity Utility Company that manages the distribution network accross 95% of mainland France


Stresstesting Systems to simulate Crisis Exercices during massive power outages (field teams and equipments management)



Simulation of  Flood Crisis Management in Industrial Networks


Biological Safety and Risk Management Dashboard for Lab Activities


System to monitor in real time Social Media and geoanalyze Consumers Opinion

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@-Plateform for Forecasting future minimum and maximum value of US, European and Asian Stock Market Indexes


Information Mapping System to monitor implementation progress of Smart Meters in french Municipalities



Emergency Alert System which sends automatically @-mails and SMS messages after analysing Big Data



Photos Analytics Systems sent by a mobile app that generates automatically Maintenance visit report in which pictures are georeferenced by Latitude, Longitude and Altitude



Utilities network geolocalized in Projection Mapping / Holograms (3D objects in augmented reality handled by the user)



Automatic Power Lines Detection System that warns the User of any Electrocution Risks



Internet of Things Sensors System that visualizes in real time by interactive map the impacts on the Industrial Network when it triggers



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